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OUR MENtoring program supports the holistic development of young men needed to become the leaders of tomorrow. OUR program focuses on young men, ages 12-21, in underrepresented and underinvested communities.


OUR FRAME-work curriculum addresses topics that transition throughout our mentee's lifespan. OUR FRAME-work supports the well-being of the child as a whole while enhancing the want and will of pursing knowledge and education.


Become a MENtor


Through the support of our corporate and small business sponsors, OUR scholarship program is dedicated to providing our students with access.


During the summer months the OUR Foundation provides a dedicated number summer camp scholarships to young men involved In OUR program.


Scholarships can be used for summer camps, trade schools, and training programs.


Sponsor a Student


Like most organizations who had to pivot during the pandemic, the OUR Foundation has enhanced its focus on technology and the digital divide


Collaborate in real-time with the OUR Foundation to impact more students, In more cities, for a greater future through OUR app


OUR app is a database of MENtors nationwide that we can share with other organizations and school districts. 


Invest in OUR Tech Fund

Join OUR Donors

Become a 2023 OUR Foundation donor for $23 a month!

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